Chapter 8 - voters by establishing priorities different...

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Chapter 8 Political Party o An organization that recruits, nominates, and elects party members to office in order to control the government. o Run candidates under their own affiliation. o The only organizations that run candidates under their party label. o Seek to govern, unlike Interest Groups. o Political Parties have broad concerns, focusing on many issues. o Platform- formal statement of a party’s principals and policy objectives. o Quasi-public organizations that have a special relationship with the government. o Represent one of the main channels in which citizens make their voices heard. o Encourage civic engagement and citizen participation. o Foster cooperation between divided interests and factions. o Viable Political Parties- Those that efficiently win elections. o Foster efficient government. o Promote civic responsibility among elected officials and give voters a check on elected officials. o Responsible Party Model- the function of a party is to offer a clear choice to
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Unformatted text preview: voters by establishing priorities different from those rival party’s. • Functions of Political Parties o Party in the Electorate All the individuals who support a party. Party Identifiers- Individuals who identify themselves as a member of one party. Independent- Unaffiliated Voter. Party Organization- the formal party of elected officials. County and local parties are most important components of a political organization. National Chair- Head of the party for an election. Often the presidential nominee. National chair is in charge of fundraising. If the party wins then the national chair does nothing, but if the party loses then the national chair is the spokesperson for the loyal opposition. Loyal Opposition- role that the party out of power plays....
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Chapter 8 - voters by establishing priorities different...

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