Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Political Socialization is the...

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Chapter 6 Political Socialization is the process by which we develop political ideals. Civically engaged parents will often have civically engaged children. Parents who engage in politics will show children what matters to them. Also vice versa. It’s passed on through example. While events can change our lives, we still choose to perceive events in a way that is consistent with our earlier beliefs. The process of political socialization is cumulative. Family/School has biggest impact on political socialization. Schools influence our political socialization by teaching us shared cultural values. They can also teach by making the concept of democracy tangible. They do this by getting the kids to vote on little stuff to learn the process of comparing attributes, choosing a favorite, voting, then winning for losing. Socialization generated participation. People who are socialized to participate in civic life will do so when invited to. Agents of Socialization are the things that facilitate the start of political views. Who we are and what we interact with.
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1) Media helps shape societal norms. It can reflect changing societal standards and values by teaching tolerance. It also reinforces core democratic values (American Idol) by letting people vote and determine outcome of the show. 2) The media helps determine the national agenda. This is done by how much the news covers a topic. 3) The media educates the public about policy issues. This is done by informing
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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Political Socialization is the...

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