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Scott Byron Fuller Jr. 1/27/11 World Literature Analysis of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet #130 William Shakespeare’s Sonnet #130 is one of his many famous sonnets. The sonnet was written by William Shakespeare to one of his mistresses. The sonnet is very different from other sonnets of its time because of the fact that it is “Anti- Petrarchan.” This means that it was written with the opposite theme of other sonnets. Other sonnets would compare the women they were written about to extravagant things such as sunsets, roses, and goddesses. Sonnet #130 doesn’t compare the mistress it was written about to extravagant things. Instead, it speaks about her for what she really is, and not falsely comparing her. The first quatrain describes her eyes, lips, breasts, and hair. The first line reads, “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun.” Instead of talking about how beautiful her eyes are, this line clarifies that her eyes aren’t as pretty as the sun. The next line in the quatrain reads, “Coral is far more red than her lips’ red”
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Sonnet #130 - Scott Byron Fuller Jr World Li terature...

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