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History Outline - B Still had upper middle and lower...

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Allen Williams Prof. Phoenix 2/1/11 Outline for Question #2 of the Essay Questions I. Revolution was Radical 1.) Breaking away from England and wanting their Independence A.) Colonists wanted freedom from Great Britain’s rule B.) This idea was the start and spark of the Revolution 2.) The Enlightenment in the U.S. A.) Great minds such as Ben Franklin, John Locke, John Adams, and etc. B.) New knowledge throughout America educated and brought up new ideas to the colonists. II. Revolution was Conservative 1.) Social Hierarchy did not change A.) People remained in certain social classes as before.
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Unformatted text preview: B.) Still had upper, middle, and lower classes. 2.) People’s Religious views A.) Religious views were held onto and not changed much. B.) People preserved their beliefs during Revolution III. Radical or Conservative? 1.) The Revolution was indeed more radical in my mind due to all these factors stated above. A.) New ideas, thoughts, and people emerged B.) Independence C.) New Knowledge D.) All these factors were just a few that sparked a Radical Revolution....
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