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harbinger history - were important because it gave them...

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Allen Williams 2/21/11, 10-10:50 Harbinger There were many personal accounts of women who worked in the mills. The Harbinger wanted to find out the truth about what was really happening in the mills in Lowell. These mills were primarily located in the North, some in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. These women came from farms around the New England area to make money. The women in the workforce had very bad and hazardous working conditions. Many suffered from inhaling cotton and getting it in their lungs. They worked as long as thirteen hours a day. After the workday they were sent back to their boardinghouses where they lived. Women working
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Unformatted text preview: were important because it gave them independence. The reason why women worked in the mills was to make money, often in order to have enough money to get married. Others wanted to gain independence from their family. Most women did not work in the mills forever, just long enough to make enough money to live on. These were the reasons why women in the workforce were so important. This is what the Harbinger newspaper discovers and the truth about what happened in the mills in Lowell during the 1820’s and 1830’s....
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