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Allen Williams 3/11/11- 10-10:50 Uptown Sinclair, The Jungle 1905 Jurgis is a brother of two crippled siblings, this put a lot of pressure on him. He is looking for a job in Packingtown, which he considers no easy feat. His crippled brother Kristoforas apparently got food poisoning, which killed him. The mother was very upset about the death of her child. This put even more pressure on Jurgis. He was destined to work in the unglamorous conditions in the fertilizer mill. He commented on the foul
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Unformatted text preview: smelling mill and the dangers that all the workers faced. This article illustrates the bad working conditions of the mill and of the importance for a man to get a job to support his family. Jurgis and his family were poor and it was up to him to get a job to support them, even if it meant compromising his health in working at the fertilizer mill....
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