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mittelberg aw's ID - Mittelberger describes the food old...

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Allen Williams 1/24/11, 10-10:50 Gottlieb Mittelberger Gottlieb Mittelberger was an indentured servant and this article is his take on the cruel living conditions and hardships for those on the ship being traded. First he explains how long the voyages would last. It would take many weeks to reach their destination. The boat was packed with people and it was very cramped on board. He explains the many different terrible things such as the stench, hunger, fever, anxiety, and disease. Many of the people on board would not make it to their destination, Philadelphia or England. And if someone died they were cast overboard. The food was awful;
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Unformatted text preview: Mittelberger describes the food old and the water dark. When they made it to America they were traded to different wealthy people. Families were torn apart, due to being separated or the parent having to find money while their children paid off their debts. Children had to work till they were 21 and the adults varied from 3-6 years or so. Also if a family member died on the trip over the living spouse had to work for their own debts and their partners as well. This article is a descriptive account of the horrors that Mittelberger experienced as an indentured servant....
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