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History I.D.'s - was important was because it brought great...

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Allen Williams 2/25/11, 10-10:50 Dr. Phoenix Carl Schurz Carl Schurz conducted a report in 1865 on the condition in the south. The north wanted to change the south’s society, and did so through “reconstruction”. The north was trying to implement change in abolition of slavery and replacing it with free labor. The north brought a great social revolution in the south. The south was conquered by the Union politically and militarily, but also was ruined economically. The reason why this
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Unformatted text preview: was important was because it brought great social changes in the south, took away slavery and replaced it with free labor, and established the Freedmen’s Bureau, which protected Negros and free labor in south. Radical change happened in the south during the middle/late 1800’s and they were expected to conform to the Union....
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