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Exam 1 Review Sheet Winter 2011

Exam 1 Review Sheet Winter 2011 - -Know the different...

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Exam 1 Review Sheet Winter 2011 A) Statistics -Know how to calculate the mean, medium, and mode -Know from memory the equations for the standard error of the mean (SEM), standard deviation, and variance. -Be able to calculate and interpret the ( SEM) -Know the term variance means and what it describes -Be able to recognize normalized data, what it means, and why it is important B) Scientific Method -Know what it is, i.e. OHEC -Be able to design a simple experiment with all of the necessary elements that we have discussed in class -Know what the null hypothesis is and be able to identify it -Be able to draw accurate and specific conclusions from data provided. -Know how to draw a histogram from a set of data -Be able to identify the independent and dependent variables - Know how to identify both a positive and negative control from an experiment -Recognize what question is being asked from an experiment C) Proteins and Amino Acids
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Unformatted text preview: -Know the different functions/roles of proteins -Know the differences between the four levels of protein structure -Know what role that structure plays in protein function -Know what molecules make up proteins -Be able to recognize the various key parts of an amino acid. D) Carbohydrates, DNA/RNA, Energy Storage -Know what the differences are between DNA and RNA -Know what the main constituents of both DNA and RNA are -Know which nitrogenous bases bind with each other -Know the different types of carbohydrates and where they are found most commonly E) Experiments/Miscellaneous Items -Dr. Geary had a librarian teach us about certain library resources. Do you remember much about that visit? -Where is Dr. Geary from? -Be familiar with the main points of the Giraffe and Ant experiment -Review the hot chilies experiment -Be sure to look over the SB readings!!!!! -Read the questions at the end of the chapters that we read...
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Exam 1 Review Sheet Winter 2011 - -Know the different...

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