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Lauren Collier 1/25/2011 Article Reflection # 2 People of Paradox: A History of Mormon Culture Ch. 1 Authority and Radical Freedom Each person on Earth has something in common. We have the ability to know right from wrong and good from evil. Everyone is born with this capability. In our faith we call it the light of Christ. How did it become a part of each of us? Because we are each born with a partiality towards good, does that imply that we are not completely free to make choices in this life? Are we subject to our creator and will we forever be bound? This dilemma is summed up nicely in a sentence from this chapter. It says, “Belief in God as the source of all being would seem to be fundamentally incompatible with human moral agency if human beings are his creatures.” The solution to this problem is the belief that we were not created by our Heavenly Father. We were organized by our Father in Heaven and we are “coequal with God himself”. I thought this was all very enlightening and interesting. In our religion we are taught to seek after knowledge, to knock and it shall be opened
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