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Scripture Journal - D&C 325 Scripture Journal D&C 77 I had...

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D&C 325 – Scripture Journal 1/6/2011 – D&C 77 I had to read this chapter twice to understand what it was referring to and I still don’t quite understand the chapter. I love symbolism in the scriptures. I feel that it helps me comprehend better the image that’s being presented. Symbolism is difficult for me though. Especially in Revelation so I appreciated the student manual. It took me step-by-step through the meaning of each verse. Perhaps I really didn’t understand Section 77 because, while I thought it was interesting, I really didn’t see the significance of understanding the symbolism. I can’t really see how it’s important for me to know. One verse that kept me very interested was verse 6. The question it posed was about the book with seven seals. The verse went on to explain that the book contains the mysteries of God and the student manual says that it “represented the real history of the World – what the eye of God has seen”. I have so many questions about the history of the universe and the creation of this world; I guess that’s why the verse appeals to me. I can’t wait until I can have a bird’s eye view of the history of the world. The seals on the book represent “seven great days during which Mother Earth will fulfill her mortal mission”. Because time is specific to Earth I wonder how long a “day” is or if the word “day” refers to a length of time. I think often about what the Earth’s mission is and how far along it has come in the fulfilling of it. As each of the seven seals is broken on the book does that mean that it has been accomplished? When I think of the breaking of a seal, especially on a book or letter, that image makes me think of the revealing of knowledge. When a seal is broken, is the “information” contained in that section of the “book” revealed to man? I have so many questions about that verse. 1/12/2011 – I waited until after class to finish this entry because I was hoping that I would receive some answers to my questions. One thing that really stuck out to me was that Brother Propperzi discussed the difference between theology and religion and mentioned that there are things about the gospel that we don’t need to understand fully for our salvation. This just confirmed what I already believed; that while I thought this chapter was interesting I don’t feel that it is crucial knowledge for my entry into Heaven. 1/12/2011 – D&C 78-82 A couple months ago I finished the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. There were definitely parts in the book that I didn’t completely agree with but for the most part I really enjoyed reading Ayn Rand’s philosophy. It was great to have the opportunity to discover for myself what I believe about service and charity and self-reliance. I noticed that I have a strong belief in self-reliance and I feel strongly that people should pull their own weight. I have a hard time being compassionate for those who weren’t taught the skills that one needs to take care of themselves. I am trying very hard to have more
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