Article 1 - D&C 325

Article 1 - D&C 325 - L auren Collier 1/25/2011 A...

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Lauren Collier 1/25/2011 Article Reflection # 1 “What is “Official” LDS Doctrine?” As I read the article “What is “Official” LDS Doctrine” I was pleased with the message. I thought it was very interesting that this article reemphasized our personal role in this church. The article touched on the fact that we, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, believe in personal revelation and that it is our responsibility to seek truth for ourselves. I have seen many people leave the church solely because they disagreed with a comment from one of our church leaders. I’ve heard people say “I just can’t believe in a church that would allow one of its leaders to say that.” This article reminded me that our leaders are only human. I also loved that the article mentioned that Heavenly Father “allows” His leaders to make mistakes and remain “human”. If Heavenly Father stopped our church leaders from making mistakes he would be interfering with their agency and accountability and ultimately halt their
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Article 1 - D&C 325 - L auren Collier 1/25/2011 A...

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