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Lauren Collier 3/8/2011 Observation Project #2 Amadeus: The Honored Servant Long ago a boy was born to very humble circumstances. This boy was called Arrius. From a young age Arrius was burdened with heavy responsibility. His family was poor and he had to work as a servant to a very mean man. Arrius grew to hate his conditions and vowed to rise above his circumstances and become the wealthiest man in the village. As time passed, Arrius worked very hard to accrue money. After many years Arrius became the most affluent man in the village just as he had desired. Arrius became a proud man and sought the honor of the other men in his village. One day Arrius purchased a servant. This servant’s name was Amadeus. Arrius observed his new servant and was very impressed with his quality of work. Arrius also noticed that Amadeus seemed content and even happy. Arrius decided one day to extend Amadeus an opportunity to become as wealthy as he. He offered Amadeus a job as his partner in business. Amadeus politely refused the offer and continued to serve Arrius.
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