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Cause Claim - Eng - health care He reassures readers that...

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Rachel Welty Cause Claim Paper 6 December 2010 English 1102 When the Arizona immigration law was passed in April of 2010, most Americans were supportive. Americans foresaw the tax increase due to immigration, as well as unemployment rates soaring higher than they have in a long time. Americans are supportive of this law because they don’t want “intruders” coming into their hometowns and taking jobs, while still not paying taxes. Americans are basically supporting illegal immigrants to live in the United States and take our jobs. The Federation for American Immigration Reform states that “for the average K-12 education of all illegal immigrants is $28.6 billion a year.” (Smith 1) Representative Lamar Smith points out several statistics in his article for The Daily Caller. His next point is about
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Unformatted text preview: health care. He reassures readers that it would be close to impossible for illegals to receive health benefits. He notes, however, that if they were to reach that point, “costs for healthcare would raise $10-30 billion.” (Smith 1) Unemployment is a huge issue that Americans have with illegal immigrants being in the US. Smith states that “16 million jobs Americans are out of work, and about 8 million jobs are held by illegal immigrants.” (Smith 1) The Obama Administration has worked hard to solve some of these problems. They have issued worksite enforcement, bringing administrative arrests down by 87 percent. Representative Smith states blatantly that “illegal immigrants are a fiscal drain on American taxpayers.” (Smith 2)...
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Cause Claim - Eng - health care He reassures readers that...

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