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Definitive Claim - Eng - Welty 1 Rachel Welty Professor...

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Welty 1 Rachel Welty Professor Bayse English 1102 25 October 2010 Definitive Claim Paper Since the beginning of time, the same trend has taken place. No one wants “outsiders” on their land. It has especially happened in America. Americans have discriminated against and tried to push out the “others.” The problem with this is that everyone in America is an immigrant. Our ancestors had to come here from somewhere else. This is also the case for every other country. Our ancestors had to immigrate from somewhere to get to their new home. The difference between an illegal immigrant and an undocumented is quite foggy in the recent events of Arizona’s acts on immigration. No one really seems to know the difference and many seem to use these words interchangeably. It seems to me that there certainly must be a difference because they sound so far from each other. Many argue that there isn’t a true difference at all between the two. Jennifer McFayden argues on behalf of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) in saying that calling someone an “illegal alien” is “degrading.” (McFayden 1) She claims that there isn’t a difference at all and that the words are simply used interchangeably. The sole difference is that one is more hurtful that the other. The NAHJ states that the word “alien” casts people “ casts
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Definitive Claim - Eng - Welty 1 Rachel Welty Professor...

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