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Rachel Welty Welty 1 Professor Bayse English 1102 11 October 2010 Jessica Hopper’s article “Immigrants Prepare for Enforcement of Arizona Law” is an emotional article appealing to Americans with children especially. It opens with a man named Francisco that states “tearfully” (Hopper 1) that he has his family and children in the United States, but “he says he’s now afraid to walk the streets.” (Hopper 1) Francisco and his family are forced to live every day in fear of being expedited back to Mexico. The movement Francisco and his family are a part of is noted as a “growing exodus” (Hopper 1) of illegal immigrants. Francisco and his family decided to voluntarily move back to Mexico before the new Arizona immigration laws went into effect. This section of the article particularly tugged at my heartstrings because I can only imagine the pain that Francisco and his family must feel. They’ve lived in the same place for a majority of their lives. Here they worked and made a home for their children. Now they must go back to Mexico to avoid being forcefully removed. I think it’s wrong for America to force the immigrants back to their country. In my opinion, the government should just alter laws and rules to allow the immigrants to live in Arizona, as well as other Mid-Western states, as long as they pay taxes, etc. If the immigrants are working and complying to the rules, it shouldn’t be a problem. This new law “requires police to inquire about the immigration status of anyone they
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Analysis - Eng - Rachel Welty Professor Bayse English 1102...

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