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Civic Engagement- GSU

Civic Engagement- GSU - I’ve ever met and suffers from...

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Rachel Welty Civic Engagement Participation and Reflection I did the Atlanta AIDS walk as my civic engagement project. I woke up early and took Marta for the first time since I moved to Atlanta. During the Atlanta AIDS walk, I handed out water to those that were walking. AIDS is very close to my heart because I babysit for a little boy from Africa that has AIDS. He is the sweetest boy
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Unformatted text preview: I’ve ever met and suffers from common misconceptions about AIDS. You can’t get AIDS from touching each other. I heard so many stories of people with AIDS. This walk was really cool and I’ll definitely do it again. I really felt like I was making a difference in people’s lives. People with AIDS are still people and should be helped, not criticized....
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