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Rachel Welty Chapter Response Ch. 1-3 Chapter 1 immediately addresses the fact that incoming freshman are trying to find out who they are. This chapter also acknowledges that students should be honest with themselves about their moral values and integrity. This part of the chapter had a chart to fill out. I filled it out to find out more about how I felt about certain situations and how I value integrity. This chapter also talks about a few things to expect being a new student at GSU. The university’s core values are also laid out in this chapter. The second chapter talks a lot about the location of Georgia State. It explains how to find classes in relation to campus buildings. The third chapter talks about different resources to help students accomplish their goals. The One Stop Shop is a good place to go for help on many different things. This chapter also talks about the importance of a support system. At GSU, a student has many supportive resources. There are many offices and services to students as well as faculty mentors. This chapter encouraged me to visit my counselor and gave me knowledge of many resources on campus. Ch. 4-6 Chapter 4 talks about the fun side of Georgia State. There are lists of sports, greek life, leadership, entertainment, and different things to do around Atlanta. The idea of balancing your free time is a good habit to develop and this part of the chapter made me more aware of how I can get involved on campus. The next chapter talks about why GSU 1010 is important. This chapter tells of the importance of an FLC. The idea of balancing ones academic life, personal life, and community life is an important point made in this chapter. This chapter talks about the different required modules for GSU 1010. Atlanta Based Learning, Advisement, My Student Body and Sex Signals are all important modules that are mandatory for GSU 1010 students. This chapter made me realize that the modules are there for a reason. The
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“W” policy is new to me, so this chapter made it clearer. Chapter 6 encourages
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Chapter Response- GSU - Rachel Welty Chapter Response Ch....

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