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Rachel Welty Campus Event Reflection I attended Titus Andronicus by the Georgia State players. At first I was skeptical because my Theatre teacher was the main character. So, as opening night came closer, we saw the set being built every day we went to class. Personally, I thought the whole way the play was presented was interesting. You got a “passport” when you walked in and when the play started, real looking police officers came in asking people for their passports. Honestly I was confused and a little scared. It all seemed real. When the play started, I realized it was in old English. Shakespeare wrote in
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Unformatted text preview: old English, even though no one in that time spoke in that dialect. Even though I thought it was going to be hard to understand, I was surprised when I was able to comprehend most of it. The acting was really excellent. Some of the characters were really convincing and I even got kind of scared a few times. This play was actually inspirational to me. It made me want to get involved in theatre at Georgia State next year. After seeing Titus Andronicus, theatre seems more interesting to me. I really want to try to put myself out of my comfort zone more....
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