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Rachel Welty Of all the plays we read this semester, four of them really stuck out to me. Drag Queens on Trial, Day of Absence, Trifles, and M. Butterfly were the ones that really interested me. Each had their own different groups and ways of overcoming being oppressed. Their different, unique ways of resisting oppression really made me see how things are for different groups of people. Life isn’t always easy and these various groups proved this by overcoming it. In Drag Queens on Trial, gay men are the oppressed group. They choose to resist oppression by staging a trial in which it is illegal to be a drag queen. In these trials, the gay men talk about different situations they come across because they are drag queens. They also use these trials to prove to the reader why they are the way they are. They explain to the reader how they knew they were gay and why they like being the way they are. This gives the reader insight in to how their minds work. In Day of Absence, blacks are the oppressed group. They are taken for granted in their
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