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book questions management - 1 What is a team leader(p 9 pp...

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1. What is a team leader? (p. 9; pp. 9-10) They are primarily responsible for facilitating team activities toward accomplishing a goal. They are not responsible for the team’s performance; the team is. 2. What are the responsibilities of a team leader? (p. 9; p. 10) The responsibilities of a team leader are to help their team members plan and schedule work, learn to solve problems, and work efficiently with each other. He is there to bring intellectual, emotional, and spiritual resources to the team. 3. What are the top ten mistakes made by managers? (p. 14; pp. 15-16) 1. Insensitive to others by virtue of their abrasive, intimidating, and bullying management style 2. Often cold, aloof, or arrogant 3. Betraying trust 4. Overly political and ambitious 4. What are the stages in the transition to management and what happens at each stage? (p. 16; pp. 17-18) MANAGERS INITIAL EXPECTATIONS- be the boss… formal authority… manage tasks… and job is not managing people AFTER 6 MONTHS- initial expectations were wrong… fast pace…. Heavy workload….. job is
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