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Cmst 2061 Assignment

Cmst 2061 Assignment - William Bordelon Cmst 2061...

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William Bordelon Cmst 2061 Assignment Presenting Yourself Self-Assessment What an absolute wake up call. Before the presentation I thought that I spoke well in front of people. After viewing my presentation, I realized that I have a lot to work on in order to become a better speaker. Although I felt that I spoke loudly and clearly, at times I look nervous and very flustered. I understand that one’s adrenaline begins to flow and it is somewhat uncontrollable, but I must work on controlling those emotions. I began my introduction by saying hello and introducing myself. I felt that that was good and it was what I had rehearsed, but it was nothing very flashy, nor did it sweep the audience off of their feet. I believe that in the future I need to have a quote or a joke, something to get the audience listening from the very beginning. Most of the class can care less about anything to do with being a financial advisor so I
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