Dear Diocese of Houma and Thibodaux

Dear Diocese of Houma and Thibodaux - wonderful transfer of...

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William Bordelon October 12, 2010 Dear Diocese of Houma and Thibodaux, I do not understand why the sacrament of mass is not attended by each and every Catholic, each and every weekend. The thought of the elderly women with their breakfast still in their teeth, their cracked, ashy, lips; that only god knows what kind of “community service” they have done with them over their long lifetime, makes me rush to the front of church every Sunday and kiss those who mean so much to my family and community. Another thing I just love about my Catholic faith is, that flu season may prevent the elders from work, but nothing will prevent them from attending mass. There is nothing better than to sit down in my seat and bow my head in reverence to hear nothing but coughing and sneezing. I sit there so anxious to join hands with him or her later and receive their mucous that’s been sitting on his or her hands because they feel my hands will be a sacred place for their bodily outflows. Then if I do not get my fix from our
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Unformatted text preview: wonderful transfer of germs, I get to walk behind him or her to receive the blood of Christ. Who cares that he or she blows their nose and has not been to work in three weeks, IT’S CHURCH, everything will be fine. For years I have been told not to drink after others, but wait…. . The church has figured it out. This white precious linen cloth that has been wiping all the fluids from everyone in the precession is a modern day flu shot. Not only does in reapply everyone else’s germs to the sacred chalice rim but gives you that extra satisfaction in knowing that I am receiving the Lord’s blood, after numerous people have been using it as Scope, and will be free of the H1N1 virus due the remarkable white cloth that cleanses it all. It is the center for our faith and destroys all things bad in our life, and for all these reasons it kills me that more and more so called “practicing Catholics” do not flock in each and every Sunday....
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