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Littlefield Technology Game Report Team: lftech Section: 2 Jacob Henderson Joseph Douzat Roshan Patel William Bordelon Tyler Sembera
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Littlefield Technology Game Report Before Littlefield Tech started, we came up with our plan based on forecasts and predictions we made about the game. We decided that all members would monitor as frequently as possible emailing their observations and suggested actions. All decisions were implemented after the consensus of all the team members. Our first step was to forecast job arrivals to determine our future production needs. Using regression analysis, we calculated the average increase in job arrivals and thus forecasted job arrivals. Based on the analysis, we equipped our factory with additional machines that could satisfy the market demands. Since money could not be made but only lost by not having enough machines, and we were told beforehand that at any point in the game there was going to be a spike in job arrivals we decided to purchase majority of our machines at the very beginning.
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