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ISDS 3115 Littlefield Inventory Game Quiz Team Name: lftech Team Member Full Names: Jacob Henderson, Tyler Sembera, William Bordelon, Roshan Ross Patel, Joseph Paul Douzat _____________________________________________________________________ Forecasting and Inventory Management at Littlefield Technologies Assume that the graph above shows several days of the inventory game. 1. What is the order quantity? C. 6000 2. Are there stock outs? A. Yes 3. The last decline of the line in the graph, illustrates that B. Daily demand declined 4. In detail, describe and illustrate how you estimated the annual demand?
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Unformatted text preview: We used a moving average to calculate the demand and got 12 for an answer. 5. In detail, describe and illustrate how you determined the reorder point? With a demand of 12 batches and a lead time of 4 days that left a minimum reorder point of 4,800 kits. That would leave us open to stock-outs however so we bumped it up another thousand, making it 5,800 kits. We used Q=squareroot of (2DS/H) to determine the order quantity of 268 batches....
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