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Me and My Giant

Me and My Giant - William Bordelon Me and My Giant By the...

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William Bordelon Me and My Giant By the look of the illustrations and the written words in the poem, it seems like the actual people the poem is talking about is a giant and a young child. Although it seems very visible, I take it as a human, either one of us, being the small little child and God being the giant that seems too big for us to grasp. In verse one, I, being a human am looking up into the sky and imagining what can be up there. Knowing he is much greater and more powerful than I am, but is there looking down at me and knows I exist and is there for me. I am going to sit up on the table and stare up at the ceiling and talk as if I am talking to God. In the second verse, it is talking about it is his time for prayer. He says when it becomes night time he talks to him. He knows he will receive no answer, but he knows that he is there. Here I will move to the front of the classroom and get on my knees and act like I am praying. This will be shown by the area marked two on my drawing.
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