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Feed R&D or Farm it out analysis - Boston 1...

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Boston 1 Cassondra Boston MG 853 Exam 3 Case Analysis Implications of Global Issues on Business In today’s society, international issues and problems are important to the success of business organizations. With the advancement of technology business has easily become global. Many organizations participate in world trade. In almost every function of the business globalization can be seen. No longer are large corporations able to function by simply relying on all business functions being local. More and more companies are starting to outsource some of their departments. Outsourcing provides many benefits to companies. Outsourcing helps to cut costs, increase productivity, and meet customers’ demands for low-price, high-quality goods and services. Yet, outsourcing causes companies to have to deal with additional global issues. They have to know exchange rates, intellectual property rights, and much more to operate successfully. Organizations know that finding solutions to global issues and challenges are essential for the longevity of business. One such example is Microsoft and their partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Their goal is to find practical solutions to global issues by developing specific and measurable commitments to action. Analysis of the Impact of Global Business Issues
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Feed R&D or Farm it out analysis - Boston 1...

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