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IV. C. Organizational Change Communication- The process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people. a. “When one party communicates his or her disagreement arrogantly, opponents are more likely to heighten their perception of the conflict.” Breaking Routines- Resistance to change in work place that may require person to take on new role and patterns. a. Nassan and Wales would meet at Nissans’ home to discuss any changes and frustrations with the merger. Wales felt increasingly uncomfortable meeting at the chairman’s home with his wife listening in on the conversations. Wales decided to discontinue the meetings, without mentioning anything to the chairman. When Wales cut off communication about progress of the merger and breaking their traditional meetings, he may have unintentionally disrespected the chairman. He may have also made him feel as though his input and was not needed and he could easily be side-stepped. The chairman may have viewed Wales’s behavior as arrogance and this
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