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OB team project-org structure

OB team project-org structure - their conversation Also...

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Explain: Communication Problem- Conflict often occurs due to the lack of opportunity, ability, or motivation to communicate effectively. Patrick’s communication with Tan didn’t go well, because Tan’s wife always interrupts them. Possible solution: Structural approaches to conflict management: Improving Communication and Understanding (Unit 11) – A third way in Structural approaches to conflict management to resolve dysfunctional conflict is to give the conflicting parties more opportunities to communicate and understand each other. Patrick should resume visiting Tan. Next time Patrick visit Tan, he can bring his wife with him, so that Tan’s wife won’t feel bored and won’t have time to interrupt
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Unformatted text preview: their conversation. Also this will be a good chance for the two family become friend, thus, Patrick and Tan may be able to have a better communication and cooperation in company. Or Patrick can take the lunch time in company to talk with Tan, or particularly ask Tan out for meal, and take that opportunity to talk with him over the work. Reasons why we chose those solutions As the Malay rules are: respect for elders and “saving face”, Patrick’s resume visiting Tan is a show of respect for Tan, and it is a way to save face of both Tan and his wife....
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