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peninsular insurance case outline revised

peninsular insurance case outline revised - Peninsular...

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Peninsular Insurance Case Outline MG 853 PA Behavioral Aspects of Management November 30, 2010 Cassondra Boston, Deyu Feng, Wenwen Liu, Daniel Smarsh, Candace Smith, & Shenjie Yang
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Group 6 –Peninsular Insurance Case Outline I. Introduction: This case involves some situations that need to be resolved. The three main problems we identified are communication, culture differences, and organizational structure. Along with these problems we have recommended solutions to resolve them. II. Communication A. Identify/Define Problems 1. Lack of Communication between Wale and Chairman Communication is the process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people. a. Nassan had a meeting with Nigel Fisher who is the general manager in charge of international operations. He asked Wale to make sure that King is present at the meeting to take any notes. Then, the day before the meeting, King told Wale that he had a prior appointment and would not be there. Wale told King that Nassan would not mind. Before the meeting, Wale asked Nassan if he would like him to take notes for the meeting, but he said no. After the meeting Nassan asked Wale where King was before the meeting. Wale explained that he had another meeting to go to. Nassan was mad and feels that Wale did not follow his instructions. This situation shows a clear misunderstanding between the two. Wale thought it wouldn’t be a problem for him to take notes instead of King, but Nassan felt Wale was not following his instructions. b. Nassan and Wale would meet at the chairman’s home to discuss any changes and frustrations with the merger. Wale felt increasingly uncomfortable meeting at the chairman’s home with his wife listening in on the conversations. Wale decided to discontinue the meetings, without mentioning anything to Nassan. When Wale cut off communication about progress of the merger and breaking their traditional meetings, he may have unintentionally disrespected Nassan. He may have also made him feel as though his input was not needed and he could easily be side-stepped. Nassan may have viewed Wale’s behavior as arrogance and this would have further escalated the conflict between them. B. Solutions 1. Social acceptance- how well the communication medium is approved and supported by the organization a.
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