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Chemistry 211 – Fall 2006 Weekly Schedule of Laboratory Experiments Dates Experiment Aug 24 to Aug 25 No labs or recitations Aug 28 to Sept 1 Introduction to the Lab and Safety Sept 4 to Sept 8 Experiment 1 – Preparation of an Oxalate Compound Sept 11 to Sept 15 Experiment 2 – Optical Spectroscopy (finish Experiment 1) Sept 18 to Sept 22 Experiment 3 – Molecular Shape and Polarity Sept 25 to Sept 29 Experiment 4 – Enthalpy of Formation Oct 2 to Oct 6 Experiment 5 – Liquids, Solids, and Solutions * Oct 9 to Oct 13 No labs or recitations (Fall Break) Oct 16 to Oct 20 Experiment 5 – Liquids, Solids, and Solutions (cont.) Oct 23 to Oct 27 Experiment 6 – Chemical Equilibrium Oct 30 to Nov 3 Experiment 7 – pH Titrations of Strong and Weak Acids Nov 6 to Nov 10 Experiment 8 – Chemical Kinetics:
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Unformatted text preview: I 2 Clock Reaction Nov 13 to Nov 17 Experiment 8 Chemical Kinetics: I 2 Clock Reaction (cont.) Nov 20 to Nov 24 No labs or recitations (Thanksgiving Recess) Nov 27 to Dec 1 Check-Out * All Thursday and Friday lab sections will actually perform the first week of Experiment 5 on October 12 and 13, respectively.--Answers to prelaboratory questions are due at the beginning of your lab period.--Copies of your notebook pages are due at the end of each lab period.--Lab reports are due at the beginning of your lab period one week following completion of the lab.--Each lab experiment is worth 25 points.--You can submit one lab report one day late during the semester without penalty. After this instance lab reports are penalized 5 points per day late....
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