Prelab4 - 3 ( aq ): Δ H of formation of HNO 3 ( l ) =...

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Name: _____________________________ Date: _________________________________ Lab Instructor: ______________________ Lab Section: ___________________________ 1 EXPERIMENT 4 Enthalpy of Formation of an Ammonium Salt Prelaboratory Questions: 1. Calculate the volume of 1.50 M HNO 3 required in Part 2: Neutralization of the experimental procedure. 2. Calculate the mass of salt, NH 4 NO 3 , produced in the neutralization reaction of Part 2: Neutralization . 3. Use the following data to calculate the heat of formation of HNO
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Unformatted text preview: 3 ( aq ): Δ H of formation of HNO 3 ( l ) = -174.1 kJ/mol and Δ H of dissolution of HNO 3 ( l ) = -28.7 kJ/mol. 4. Why is it necessary to determine the heat capacity of the calorimeter? 5. In calculating the heat capacity of the calorimeter which temperature difference should be larger in magnitude, Δ T h or Δ T c ? Explain your answer. 6. What action should you take if you spill 1.50 M HNO 3 on your hand?...
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