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Lab Exam Study Guide 2

Lab Exam Study Guide 2 - Biology 105C Fall 2007 Study Guide...

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Biology 105C Fall 2007: Study Guide for Lab Exam 2 This is only a GUIDE. As such, it is only a starting place for studying. You are responsible for all material covered in lab. Use the materials in the lab book along with the materials and notes as material to study. Remember, the more active your studying, the more effective. Passive studying like reading and rereading over and over won’t help you to really KNOW the material. Lab 15 – Early Developmental Stages 1. List the stages of development in order from earliest to latest. 2. Briefly describe the appearance of the embryo in each developmental stage. 3. List the tissue layers found in the developing embryo. 4. Define: archenteron, zygote, notochord, neural plate, coelem. 5. Describe the role of the notochord in most vertebrates. Genetic Technology: DNA Fingerprinting Lab 1. Briefly describe how a DNA fingerprint is created and what it can be used for. 2.
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