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Test 3: need nov. 1 21:56 11-3: Hypotheses for Bipedality Freeing the hands : carry objects, eating, hunting/gathering, provisioning(male  providers) Better view of open country,  greater viewpoint Energy efficiency  (“Patchy Forest”) fewer calories burned on long distances on 2  legs v 4 Early Fossil Record Lumper-Splitter debate , fewer fossil species v. the right amount of fossil species [7 million year - present] East Africa - rift valley, complex geological activity (volcanoes/earthquakes)  makes dating accurate; many fossils found through erosion, well-preserved  through petrifaction South Africa - limestone, quarries, underground caves;  Breccia , cement-like  substance composed of pebbles soil sand, found in caves, fossil are impeded in  it, hinders study; dated by relative means, less precise Central Africa - new area, last couple decades Post-orbital Constriction       POC- constriction of the skull behind the eye orbits;  lessens over time, directly correlates to brain size Super-orbital torus       SOT- enlarged part of bone above the eye orbits, primitive trait Prognathism     - anterior projection of the maxilla, primitive
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This note was uploaded on 03/15/2011 for the course ANTH 1003 taught by Professor Demovic during the Spring '07 term at LSU.

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AnthNotes - Test3:neednov.1 113: 21:56...

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