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soc 41 - SOC 41 Small Groups Winter 2011 Tonya L Schuster...

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SOC 41 Small Groups Winter, 2011 Tonya L. Schuster, Ph.D. EXERCISE #2: Social Groups and Small Group Dynamics (15% of course grade) 100 points total (points indicated in brackets) DUE: February 15 by 5pm beginning of class A) The Nature of Small Groups (Chapter 14) [30 points] Describe a secondary small group to which you belong in terms of the definition of a group: social and task cohesion, goal isomorphism, roles/statuses of group members, and any status generalizations [8]. Give an example of a time when you conformed to the group even those you may have disagreed or did not personally want to do so; why do you think you did (in terms of the ideas and findings on conformity in the text). [6] Watch TV for a short while and observe the commercials (keep a list with details). Compare the normative and informational influence attempts. [6]. What appeared most effective [4]? Compare the text’s discussion of minority influence with real-world civil rights protests by minority groups. [6]
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