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Comms 239 Class 4 - Elements Chapter 2 How does the book...

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Elements Chapter 2 How does the book distinguish between accuracy and truth? Accuracy is the foundation upon which everything else is built: context, interpretation, debate, and all of the public communication Truth is a sorting out process that takes place between the initial story and the interaction among the public, newsmakers, and journalists. How do the authors explain 'journalistic truth'? Process – get rid of false hoods and then collect community opinions Correspondence and coherence What is the process for obtaining truth? (bottom of page 44) Stripping information of any attached misinformation, disinformation, or self promoting bias Let the community react The sorting out process will ensue Search for truth becomes a conversation Know what is meant by the following: Journalism of assertion, journalism of verification, journalism of affirmation, journalism of aggregation Assertion – passing things along, shoveling information onto the air Verification – fact checking Affirmation – affirming preconceptions of the audience Aggregation – gathering of information Re-read the awesome definition of reality on page 48. Reality is that which, when you don’t believe it, doesn’t go away What happens when there is an oversupply of information? Knowledge becomes more difficult to acquire. One must process more
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Comms 239 Class 4 - Elements Chapter 2 How does the book...

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