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Comms 239 Elements 8 and 9 notes

Comms 239 Elements 8 and 9 notes - Elements Chapter 8 What...

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Elements Chapter 8 What is on each end of the spectrum described on page 188? Storytelling and raw information With the spectrum in mind, what is the goal? How should stories be improved? To be in the middle of the spectrum, find an intersection of civic clarity and information citizens need to function. Superior reporting, thinking, narrative or other treatment; find the info people need to live their life, then make it interesting and relevant. Why is it wrong to think of it as information vs. entertainment, or what people want vs. what people need? Good journalistic presentation is always the result of solid deep reporting that adds the detail and context that hold a piece together. Providing information in a way that people will be inclined to listen. Is there any evidence to contradict the statement that people have short attention spans? Average listener tuned in for 48 of 60 minutes – radio program What is wrong with the idea of news as revealed secrets?
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