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comms 239 notes - Nature and Sources of News What is the...

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Nature and Sources of News What is the core function of the news? Provide audiences with insights into society’s important events, issues, problems, and relationships What are the four areas of knowledge vital to effective democratic tradition? Policy – specific public policy issues Power – actions of individuals and groups exerting power Ideology – philosophical perspectives that shape decisions on wealth status and resources Self-interest – individuals political interest and stakes in policy issues and elections, role in society What shapes journalism practices at different publications? Degree of commitment to key journalistic standards Core organizational values and missions Target audiences and market constraints Prototypical message content What threatens to displace core news practices? Entertainment and soft news How do media differ? Be familiar with the chart. What are the key journalistic standards? How do they distinguish the media? Accuracy – news organization devote Balance Checks on pure profit maximization Democratic accountability Editorial separation How do audience and market constraints affect media practice? Have to cater to the wants of the audience. Market – value factuality and accuracy How might we assess the civic value of media? Focus on the substantive goals and activities of those holding power in government or those outside government who influence government decisions Provides insight into the distribution of power wealth and status in society
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Illuminates impacts of public policies and proposed policies on the lives and opportunities of
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comms 239 notes - Nature and Sources of News What is the...

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