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Comms 101 Ch 5 quiz

Comms 101 Ch 5 quiz - new music As we can read on page 142...

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The public appetite for recorded music is great, but especially so among teenagers. Why do you think music is generally more important for teenagers than for people in their forties, for example? (Or do you disagree and you feel like music is important to everyone equally. Explain.) I believe that music plays different roles in peoples lives. Nevertheless, there is no denying walking through a college campus and seeing the white ear buds or skull candy headphones on a majority of students. Even a super bowl commercial this year from Motorola showed everyone walking around with white ear buds in (now this was a direct knock on Apple), so we can see it is definitely a cultural swing. One of the major roles of recording companies is promoting and marketing
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Unformatted text preview: new music. As we can read on page 142, they use video games, music videos, and free music on the Internet to promote new music. When I think of those three things I think of teenagers, not old fogies. Today we have also shifted from an album buying people, to an “a la carte” buying people (pg 144). This again is a sign of the younger generation. When talking to my parents they will still go buy entire CDs where all of my siblings will download only the one or two song they like from an artist. As well with the advent of music ringtones and Internet radio stations all of these things are targeted at the younger more technology savvy generation....
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