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Comms 101 Media Fast

Comms 101 Media Fast - Once youve completed your media...

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Once you’ve completed your media consumption fast, you will need to reflect on and evaluate your experience. Based on the information from your journal, you must write a minimum two page double- spaced paper. You must discuss what you have learned about yourself after experiencing the fast. What media are you most dependent upon, what did you miss the most, what was made more difficult by not having media and technology, and what was different. Consider what you did instead of using the media. How was your day different? Does this experience cause you to reconsider some of your media use? Other insights from evaluating your media fast are also appropriate. The more you can incorporate concepts, principles, or theories from the course, the better the analysis. After completing the Media fast I have realized just how much media I actually consume on a daily basis. Some of the media is my choice but there is still quiet a lot of media that I have to control over. If nothing else this assignment has made me question the amount of media I choose
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