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I believe that the Internet is the strongest medium that will influence the most amounts of people. Firstly, because of the rapid growth of Internet use in the US my personal belief is that eventually kindergartners will be learning their ABC’s, numbers, drawing in the lines, and how to use a computer. Most everything is done with a computer now days and that is all connected with the Internet. Printed media such as newspapers, books, and magazines are becoming outdated. Now you can get newspapers on your iPod, magazines online, or e- books with your Kindle. Even television and radio are all being moved onto the internet, for instance most radio shows can be listened to as pod casts and with the ever growing HULU all TV shows can be viewed with the push of a button from your computer. With the vastness of the media, I believe that the theories of agenda setting and framing (pg 403) are becoming outdated. News stories from print, radio, and televised may all be set to get their audiences to view a story a certain way. The
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