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comms 101 quiz 4

comms 101 quiz 4 - false and gets any gain causes any major...

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Should there be penalties for breaches of ethics by journalists? If so, what kinds? Who should enforce the penalties? What effects could these have on the practice of journalism? It is my personal belief that there should be penalties for breaches of ethics in journalism. There have already been examples of penalties against media organizations, for instance on page 309 in the green box, we see that ABC unlawfully obtained jobs and in turn, footage of unsanitary business practices. In the end, ABC was forced to pay $2 million in damages to Food Lion. I think this is a case where journalists crossed the line and used unethical practices to get a story, especially when they themselves as employees failed to do their assigned duties. Depending on the situation, I would most often favor a monetary fine, but on that rare occasion, a penalty of imprisonment may be appropriate. If a journalist completely makes up a story and publishes the story knowing it is
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Unformatted text preview: false, and gets any gain, causes any major legislation or creates an environment of unrest that would be cause for imprisonment. Because journalism is free and there is no licensing to the industry (pg 290) it should be the responsibility of journalist societies or governing agencies to place internal controls on the industry to maintain ethical behavior and enforce punishment for the breach of standards. If said organizations fail to enforce the rules it is the place of the government to use the law to punish those that chose to break the rules. By having the government enforce the rules in the industry, a large burden is being placed on the government to not breach constitutional law by taking a way the right to a free press. This can cause serious issues going forward and the government must be careful not to fall into the trap of censoring the press which will cause a great backlash....
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