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Do you think that, with the Internet and digital media, we are in the midst of a media revolution as far-reaching as that brought on by the printing press? Why or why not? Yes, I believe that we are in the midst of a media revolution. I think this revolution is even farther reaching than that of the printing press. Back in the days of the early printing press, it took a long time to make books or pamphlets and distribute them out to the public. As we see on pages, 106- 107 there were relatively few books being published and widely distributed, but those books were very important to the education and literacy of children. Today, with mass media the speed in which information can be disseminated is as fast as lighting compared to the old way of printing. We have news from over seas that we can know about in minutes, compared to 30 years ago where it was hours, and 50 years ago a few days. The
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Unformatted text preview: more technology changes the more and more the way we communicate will change. Like it says on page 131, just because electronic media is becoming the new way to communicate does not mean that the old written word is becoming obsolete. There will need to be great adaptation in the industry to allow companies to remain profitable and maintain their profits; otherwise, they will have to close. The Internet is a beautiful thing that allows you to gain access to anything you want, for free, in split second. If I have a question about anything a quick search of Google will usually result in an answer, or even a how to video will be posted on YouTube. I can communicate with my friends with ease across the country just with the push of a button. These things were never before possible and this is why this will be a greater revolution than the printing press....
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