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Comms 101 reading quiz advertising - memorable If I don’t...

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What advertising format do you think is the most effective and why? Are there some products that are better advertised in a certain format than in others? Why? I believe the most effective advertising is outdoor advertising or alternatively called interactive advertising. Like it says on page 369, ads in airports or other public areas that actually interact with the target is something that really makes an impression on that person. Especially if the person gets to ‘use’ the product or have a good experience I think they are more likely to try a new product. But I believe some of the most historically effective advertising formats have been print ads and tv ads. As we can see from the box on page 370, companies will pay millions of dollars to put an ad on during the super bowl, because they know how many people will see it, and it has a proven track record. I think the most important part of an advertisement is being
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Unformatted text preview: memorable. If I don’t remember the product from the advertisement when I’m actually in the store, then it is not an effective advertisement. Also the other thing I think is important is being advertised to through the correct channels. There have been times when watching tv and an ad comes on and I just wonder “Who is this ad for? Because it sure isn’t for me.” I think that some products are better advertised using certain formats, for instance, the google chrome commercials that show how fast the page loads, by showing some crazy elaborate device doing something, wouldn’t be effective in print. You really need to see it in action to understand the speed or strength of certain things. Basically, you need to advertise to the correct people using the correct tools to be most effective in your advertising campaigns....
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Comms 101 reading quiz advertising - memorable If I don’t...

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