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Comms 101 quiz 7

Comms 101 quiz 7 - originally used by PR professionals...

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Do you think it is harder to tell the difference between PR, marketing and advertising on the Internet? Does it matter to you? I think that the same techniques are used by advertisements, PR and marketing to reach the same audiences. For instance on page 372 of the reading, it talks about superstitial ad’s and videos, I have this technique used on a regular basis for advertising, but today when looking at CNN.com a video clip popped up on the screen and was a PR video promoting BP’s efforts in cleaning up the Gulf and trying to change the public perception of the company. On page 387, it talks about how advertising and marketing is beginning to use the tools
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Unformatted text preview: originally used by PR professionals through the use of blogs, websites and social media to now advertise their products instead of promoting a company. . I think it is important to understand that there is sometimes a fine line between advertising and PR. Since both forms of communication are being sent through the same channels it is getting harder to discern between the two. It matters because if people cannot separate the two they will not know when they are being sold on something and when the company is just trying to change public opinion....
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