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SOCIAL STRUCTURE:SOCIAL ECOLOGY 25/05/2010 12:46:00 ID- your going to do what you want to do (hunger) EGO- determines when that is okay to do SUPEREGO- conscious  Social Disorganization Theory: predominant theory. What is Social Structure? stratified patterns of behavior and relationships within social systems social institutions and norms become embedded into social systems shape the behavior of actors What do Social Structural Theorists look at? Organization of society and structures o communities, behaviors, relationships Regulations of behavior The Chicago School: foundation for social ecology Thomas and Znaniecki o Concept of social disorganization**>changing to the point where you  cant go back Park and Burgess: Human Ecology o Ecological analysis of urban life (Concentric Zones) o Natural selection>natural areas o Social order is product of cyclical change o Spatial distribution Shaw and McKay: Social Disorganization Model
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  • Summer '11
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  • Social Disorganization Theory, Social Disorganization, The Chicago School, o Single Family Tenements, Social Structural Theorists, conscious  Social Disorganization

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