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INTROMUSED - BLOOM(1956 6levelsoflearning 23:06:00...

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BLOOM (1956) 19/07/2009 23:06:00 -Blooms taxonomy of cognitive learning -6 levels of learning  Knowledge  –recall, list, name, identify, show, define, recognize, state. The recall of memorized information, but all that is required is the bringing to  mind of appropriate info. Comprehension - translate, summarize, explain, describe, paraphrase, put into  your own words The ability to identify material and context and translate its meaning Application - apply, classify, demonstrate, solve, interpret, relate, put into  practice The use of a concept or a principal in order to solve a problem; transferring  knowledge to another situation Analysis - analyze, organize, deduce, choose, contrast, compare, distinguish The breaking down of material into its constituent parts with relationships  between ideas made explicit Synthesis
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