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Free 3 Erica Free Ms. Burton English 1102 28 January 2009 Proposal In today’s society, many people portray themselves as individuals, ones that stand out in a crowd, or those that just fit in. One major contributor to making ones appearance unique and one of a kind, is a tattoo. When deciding on a topic for my research position paper I tried to think of something that I could relate to. Tattooing is a subject that I can relate to because of my experiences this summer while getting my first tattoo. Before I had it done there were a lot of thoughts running through my mind, not only my thoughts, but the thoughts of others as well. I found out that there were many different opinions in my family and group of friends that I did not know about, some good, some bad. Finding all of these things out over the last year is what inspired me to make Tattoos my topic of interest. I feel that the symbolism, popularity, and the image of tattoos in society are the most important controversial issues regarding this topic. The number one reasoning behind most tattoos is the significance or the symbolism
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FreeErica_TopicProposal - Free 3 Erica Free Ms. Burton...

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