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EricaFreeAnnBib2 - Erica Free Ms Burton English 1102 25...

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Erica Free Ms. Burton English 1102 25 March 2009 A New Look on Tattoos Tattoos have a very long history that dates back all the way to 2000 B.C. to when the earliest recorded discovery of tattoos were found on the skin of Egyptian mummies. The earliest forms of tattoos were applied using sharp thorns, bones, and teeth from animals. Almost all members of Native American tribes were tattooed. In these Native American tribes the more tattoos a person had, the more brave and courageous they were thought to be. The reason why a person with many tattoos was thought to be so brave and courageous was because of the extreme pain they had to go through in order to get those tattoos. If a person is willing to go through the pain of getting a tattoo they are probably willing to do many other things such as protecting their family, hunting, or other important things necessary for survival back in those days. The pain of early tattoos was so great that the Japanese government even used it as a form of punishment. In Roman times, the tattoo was used to mark criminals and slaves. The fact that Romans used tattoos to mark their criminals and slaves might be part of the reason tattoos have such a negative reputation. Tattooing was also secretly practiced in Europe only by the criminal class with the exception of a select other few. A few of my sources are specifically about the association with tattoos and deviance. This is a very common argument that arises when researching the topic of tattoos. Another common argument is how tattoos are viewed in certain religions. In
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earlier times, Christianity banned its people from getting tattoos, especially the face tattoo which was very common right before tattoos were forbidden. Basic arguments most people think about when the topic of tattoos is being discussed are simply whether a person approves of them or not. Today’s times are a lot different than earlier days, which make different generations views on tattoos extremely different from one another. Usually when considering a persons age the older ones are more likely to oppose of tattoos than the younger crowd. Another big influence on the way people view tattoos is a person’s background and where they are from. People from the city are probably less likely to think twice about seeing a tattooed person as opposed to small town country folks. Tattooed people, people wanting to get tattoos, and people who are just curious
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EricaFreeAnnBib2 - Erica Free Ms Burton English 1102 25...

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