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Erica Free Ms. Burton English 1102 18 February 2009 The History and Culture of Tattooing The view of tattoos throughout history has been through many changes. Some scholars like to focus on the artistic viewpoints of the meaning behind tattoos. Others like to emphasize the sociology behind them. Throughout the paper, the importance of both of these themes can be fully examined with many different resources to accredit them. These resources take the reader throughout the world of tattooing in different cultures. Bringing a very new meaning to the outlook others have on the art of tattooing. The cultural and artistic aspects of tattooing are what dominate the importance of acquiring a tattoo. DeMello, Margo. Bodies of Inscription: A Cultural History of the Modern Tattoo Community . Durham: Duke UP, 2000. In this book ideas of cultural roots and tattoos in the media are two of the dominant themes found. The author also talks about the revolution of tattoos. He states “Tattooing began, for the first time, to be connected with emerging issues like self actualization, social and personal transformation, ecological awareness, and spiritual growth” (DeMello 143). The section regarding the cultural roots of tattooing refers to the history of tattoos in the west. The book makes a comparison between tattooing and baseball by saying that tattooing is almost as American as the sport of baseball. The author goes on to explain that tattooing in North America actually didn’t originate in America. The origin of tattooing came off of the Pacific Islands.
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English 1102 - Free 1 Erica Free Ms Burton English 1102 18...

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